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Hotel Fanø is located on the outskirts of Nordby, which is a small, charming town with many beautiful houses from the 19th century.

Nordby is the center of many cultural activities on Fanø, and it is also where you will find most of the island’s excellent restaurants, as well as Fanø Bryghus (Fanø Brewery).

At the harbor promenade, you can sit and enjoy the sight of the many wading birds, and often you can also be lucky enough to see seals lying on the small sandbank off the harbor.

Walking routes on Fanø

On Fanø, there are three marked hiking trails and one running route. You can find a hiking brochure at the parking lots, Fanø Tourist Office, or by downloading it here: Fanø hiking map.

Near Hotel Fanø, there is the Kikkebjergturen hiking route. The trail offers a mix of forest, heathland, and meadows. The route is also known as the health trail as there is a running track along it.

From the 18-meter-high Kikkebjerg, which is one of the five highest hills on Fanø, there is a fantastic view of the northern tip of Fanø, Nordby, and Esbjerg. During the era of sailing ships, Kikkebjerg was used as a lookout point for pilots from Nordby.

Fanø Beach

The beach on Fanø is a stunning 15 kilometers long and approximately one kilometer wide. The sand is very fine and almost completely free of stones, making it one of the best sandy beaches in Denmark.

View Fanø Beach on Google Maps here

From Hotel Fanø, it’s just a little over two kilometers to the beach at Fanø Bad. Here, you’ll find an ice cream parlor, public toilets, and other facilities that provide the perfect setting for a day at the beach.

A bit further south is Rindby Beach, where an open lifeguard station is available throughout the summer, ready to assist if any accidents occur.

Seal Safari

Fanø is part of the Wadden Sea National Park, where there are up to 3,000 harbor seals. The seals thrive here because it is peaceful and there is plenty of food in the form of fish. About a tenth of the population are young.

A very large part of the seal population lives on the seal bank at Galgerev off Sønderho on Fanø, where there are usually between 200 and 400 seals basking in the sand.

A seal safari with Club Fanø, to the seal bank is one of the great experiences on Fanø. Here, at low tide, you walk the just under two kilometers from Sønderho Strand to Galgerevet on the dry seabed. It is a trip where the whole family can join. Along the way, several stops are made, and here the guide tells the exciting story about the seals and the fantastic natural area in which you find yourself.

Rubber boots are an advantage, as the trip takes place on foot on the bottom of the mudflats.

Check out Club Fanø for more information